Employment Law

Spyros Arotis- Elena Aroti & Associates Law Firm Areas Of Practice

Spyros Arotis- Elena Aroti & Associates, has a wide range of experience on employment law, both through representing high profile companies and individuals.

Through our years of experience on employment law:

  • We draft and give opinions on employment agreements and related documents.
  • We provide advice on employment law issues, including:
    1. dismissals and termination of employment
    2. redundancy
    3. social insurance
    4. employer and employee obligations and rights
    5.  protection of maternity
    6. discrimination at work
    7. health and safety
    8. confidentiality and non-compete obligations
    9. providence fund registration
    10. collective agreements
    11. liaising with ministry and trade unions
    12. drafting of employer manuals
    13. litigation at the Industrial Disputes Court
    14. employment dispute resolution at the Department of Labour Relations